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Belgrave Premium Dry Cleaners

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I am very pleased to have completed the project for Belgrave Dry Cleaners which have become one of my key clients – as I now manage their monthly marketing and branding requirements. The job was initially for their website – – but then grew into a full branding project, with me designing everything from the business stationery to the van livery.

Lucy Wright Design and Photography Market Harborough

Happy New Year

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Well good grief! Where did Christmas go and how did another year start so quickly! I am very pleased to have started the year busy and am working on some exciting projects including website for a chain of dry cleaning stores in London. Its all very full on but I love to be busy! Will post direct URL once launched.

FPIES shoot

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Lucy Wright Photography

I did mention that I had the pleasure in taking shots for a very worthwhile charity called FPIES – well they were all extremely well behaved and we got some great shots which I really hope will bring them lots of awareness in their terrific campaign work. More can be seen on my Facebook page…>

Autumn and all its colours

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Lucy Wright Design and Photography Market Harborough  Lucy Wright Design and Photography Market Harborough
So I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph a gorgeous pair of red haired boys, and to be honest, the season couldn’t have been better! Lots of reds, yellows, oranges (and pink cheeks). The brotherly love and mischief was plentiful.

I took a stroll…

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Lucy Wright Design and Photography Market Harborough Lucy Wright Design and Photography Market Harborough

It was quite a treat for me to have no particular brief yesterday, and instead just take a stroll in the sunshine and see what I can capture on my walk. The peace and quiet was very much appreciated.

‘New Business’ start-up design packages

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Lucy Wright Design start-up packages

Well, after much discussion with current and previous clients I am pleased to now be offering start-up design packages for new businesses. Starting a business is a costly venture but to skimp on the brand and marketing could prove even more costly. Its so vital that a company’s outer image reflects what they are offering whether it be service or product based. For this reason, investing in a strong brand and effective promotional marketing can be the key to a new businesses success.

I understand branding. I understand that its more than a logo. It can even be as simple as how you answer your phone but because I can’t do that bit for you (!) what I can do is research your market and ensure that your client-facing literature and online presence is an accurate representation of you.

To view my New Business branding packages in more detail  you can visit this link > or email me to arrange a more formal chat.

Is it that time already?

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Yes, the time has come for me to start working on a client’s christmas promotion idea. I can’t quite get my head around how that time is already upon me, and I will have to will up as much festive cheer as I can in September, but so be it. I would like to offer something other than a token tree or bauble so will have to put on my party hat and think hard on it!!

I’ve done it!

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Well, I have done it. I am finally live with my new and improved website. It’s taken me a while to get my head around the wonders of WordPress but the benefits, the flexibility and the scope is so great I had to invest the time. Now I just need to get it working for me and follow my own advice!

How exciting!

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Well, I am writing this post on my own website that isn’t yet launched and I am already getting excited. Its been a while since I had time to actually do anything for my own brand so thankfully, a lull has allowed me to spend some time tweaking and beautifying! Can’t wait to go live…

Brand Development

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Loving my involvement in creating a new brand for an artificial flower design house – creates super masterpieces for show in large retail outlets and needs a brand to reflect quality and tradition. Complete free scope to get creative…in my element. Watch this space for the release of the design!