Developing a Brand

A company’s brand plays a vital role in it’s success. Its not just a logo however, and to fully understand this takes more than just an eye for design.

I have been a Brand Manager and Account Manager as well as a Designer, so I understand that for a company to succeed in its market, its brand development needs to reflect everything it does. Whether its quality, affordability, reliability or service, the brand of a company comes down to everything it does; from the coffee its serves, to the way the telephone is answered/

Initially I meet with a client and firstly discuss their company objectives; are they starting out afresh or are they re-evaluating their current brand? We discuss what they want their brand to say about them and the services / product their offer? Who are their direct competitors and how successful are their brands in representing what they do?

After I feel I have a good understanding of what my client expects from their new brand, I will start the design process, reviewing the market that the client works in and what colours / symbols would work well in achieving a successful brand for them.

I normally submit 1 to 2 designs with a few variations on font / colour. This then starts a discussion and from there we work closely together until they are completely happy.

Business stationery and collateral normally follow from this initial step, and as I have built up a fantastic network of suppliers from printers to exhibition hardware manufacturers, I can offer any company the solution they are searching for.

And, unlike some agencies in the local area, I don’t charge massive studio fees and use jargon to baffle my clients.

If you are interested in chatting more about your brand and how I can help you, feel free to email me or call on (07917) 114935.